Why You Need to Ask For the Sale At Least Five Times

How abounding times do you ask for the auction during a close? Once? Twice? The amount of times you should be allurement ability abruptness you…

Most sales reps I accept to (while reviewing their closing and presentation calls), ask for the auction once. If they are get a arrest or objection, they about go abroad in defeat. It’s attenuate that I apprehend anyone ask for the auction added than three times. Think about that for yourself. How abounding times do you ask for the auction afore you accord up?

Years ago I was accomplished that the abutting doesn’t even activate until the anticipation has said no at atomic 5 times! I was accomplished that in adjustment to win the sale, I bare to appearance activity and confidence, and that I bare to be assiduous and appearance that I believed in the acumen the anticipation should buy added than he/she believed that she shouldn’t.

Now amuse don’t misunderstand me here. I can just apprehend some of you accusatory that you don’t wish to be a telemarketer, you don’t wish to be an abhorrent sales person, don’t wish to be amateurish or pushy. Good, because I don’t wish you to be either.

But what I’m talking about is something absolutely different. Let me explain:

To alpha with, you accept to be alive with a able prospect. One who has a accepted absorption in your artefact or service, has a need, is a accommodation maker, has the budget, etc. This is the aboriginal step. If you don’t accept any of these things and you activate closing 5 times or more, afresh assumption what? You’re traveling to become a ambitious sales person.

But if you do accept all these qualifiers in place, afresh you can feel assured that you’re ambidextrous with anyone who can and will account from your artefact or service. And if that’s true, afresh it’s up to you to present value, affected stalls and objections, and ask for the auction 5 or six or even seven times or more.

You accept to bethink that abounding times a anticipation is on the fence, and the alone way to advance them off it (and assimilate your side), is to be assiduous and beat any agnosticism or averseness they accept with your belief, aplomb and enthusiasm. Here’s how you do it:

First, you accept to accept solid and accurate rebuttals to all of the accepted stalls or objections you’re traveling to get. You accept to apperceive these responses central and out so you’re not put off if you get them. So abounding sales reps act like a deer bent in a headlight if they get an objection. Abounding accord up as anon as they do.

You can (and must) abstain that defeated activity be accepting able with a acknowledgment that not alone addresses the concern, but that afresh leads you aback into architecture value. In added words, you charge a way aback into your pitch. You can use something as simple as:

“I absolutely accept how you feel – it does assume that way at first, but in fact the way it works is that… “

And afresh abide to body amount or altercate a account and accord them a added acumen to buy! And already you’ve answered the objection, you accept to affirm your acknowledgment with: “Do you see how that works?” (In added words, use a tie-down.)

And if you get a yes, afresh you ask for the order: “Then here’s what I acclaim we do… “

And BOOM! You’ve just asked for the auction again! And if you afresh get addition argument or stall, you acknowledgment it, affirm your acknowledgment and ask for the auction again!

This is the continued absent art of closing the sale. You accept to be able to accumulate pitching, accumulate architecture value, and accumulate allurement for auction – five, six seven or even ten times.

Now again, for any of you rolling your eyes, you acutely you charge to be in acquainted with anniversary anticipation and if anyone is accepting agitated or absolutely isn’t traveling buy or accomplish appropriate then, afresh you aback off. Of advance you can still try accepting aback into the abutting with something like:

“You apperceive ________, I adulation to learn: do you apperception cogent me why?”

Keep aggravating to reopen the sale.

If you are accommodating to do what the added sales reps are not traveling to do, afresh I acclaim you get your admired ten or fifteen closes calm to handle the 5 to eight accepted objections you consistently get. Afresh you’ll acquire them and be accessible to bear them automatically and perfectly.

Once you do, you’ll afresh be able to persevere and ask for the auction over and over again. And if you do, something amazing will activate to happen: You’ll activate closing added deals. You’ll activate closing affairs who you would accept accustomed up on before. Your aplomb will go up. Your account checks will go up.

And afore you apperceive it, you’ll accept arrived.

You’ll al of a sudden be in the top 20% of your company, and as you alter your angle and get bigger and better, you’ll move into the top 5%.

And afresh the top 1%.

And already you’re at the top, you’ll admiration how you anytime did it any added way.

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